1 step forward

Its been a while since i last posted on here. Been really busy with my business and just dealing with stuff revolving around it.

I recently purchased a used Native Instruments Maschine.

Wow. This thing is awesome!! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but it was a matter of $ and time.

I havent been able to set it up and play in my studio yet, but so far, just fucking around with it in my living room, its pretty badass! I recently updated it as well, so now all my VSTi’s work inside of it as well as all my effects! Looks like i may not have to use any other DAW out there!! I mean, obviously thats me just speaking for the time being. I still have to get my head around the whole thing and who knows, eventually down the line i may have to bounce out of it and into, say, Logic, to do some tweaking or mastering. But again, thats down the line.

Ive spoken with someone online about it and he rarely leaves the host software for Maschine. He does all his songs and remixes all inside the Maschine software, and as i mess around more inside it, i can see why! You can do a crap ton of stuff inside it, recording wise. So yeah, i may just stick with this…unless i run into limitations that i am unaware of as of the current time being.

At any rate, i installed Screenflow so i can record recording sessions with Maschine so i can continue to add “experience” to the ever-growing Maschine “video community”.

I hope to get started on this ASAP, so stay tuned and ill start posting links as soon as i can!!