Tales From A Small Business Owner

I have to rant here for just a second…

Owning a small business is no easy feat. A lot of people never fully understand what it takes to own a small business. What goes into it. All the “behind the scenes” stuff. No one ever takes that stuff into account. They take everything at face value.

Maybe it’s just the town my business is in (or maybe its not?), but I see time and time again people bitch and moan about how “such n such” business closed. Or about how “it’s not like it used to be”. I really could go on and on about what is said.

The fact of the matter is that in all actuality, people don’t care. People never care about anything until its taken away from them or it’s just gone.

In order for businesses to survive, one must frequent it. It’s not rocket science. You go to a business, spend money and in turn, that business can then pay bills, pay employees etc. It’s a (vicious) circle.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you DON’T frequent a business, they don’t make any money, thus they CAN’T pay bills and they CAN’T pay employees etc.

Once again, this is not rocket science.

Ever since I “officially” stated my business is shutting down and the space is being taken over by another business, all i’ve heard is “aww. that’s too bad.” or “i’m going to miss this”. or “now where am i going to get my (insert product here). All from individuals who frequent my business about ONCE A MONTH, if that.

This closure has nothing to do with me (well, a small part of it does). It has to do with the public. Like i stated before, if you don’t frequent and spend money on small business, that business will go OUT of business. Simple as that. You have no one to blame but yourself, people.

Part of me would really like to say what REALLY is on my mind, but thats unprofessional and unnecessary.

So, to sum things up: if you don’t want to see a small, locally owned business go OUT of business, SUPPORT IT! Spend money there. Frequent it more then you currently are. STOP going to BIG business.

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Would you like a side of stress with that stress?

This is kinda personal, but whatever.

Life has never been so stressful for me. The past couple years have just been a mind fuck, if you will.

I think the only good thing going for me is my wonderful girlfriend.

Everything else is a giant bowl of stress.

Everything involving my business, moving, my health, my lack of a fucking life….just everything.

I really wish things were easier. I know life is a bitch, but goddamn, its actually a fucking CUNT!!!

I have to get back to doing tax bullshit, but i need to vent….

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Fresh Start

Well, it looks like we’re moving….again.

So, working on new material for the 3rd album is yet again on hold for at least a month.

This isn’t really a bad thing. The place we looked at and are possibly going to take is pretty nice and has a private 4 acre off-leash dog park, so thats always great for our dog.

Thats all i really have for you all.

Till next time, kids!

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1 step forward

Its been a while since i last posted on here. Been really busy with my business and just dealing with stuff revolving around it.

I recently purchased a used Native Instruments Maschine.

Wow. This thing is awesome!! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but it was a matter of $ and time.

I havent been able to set it up and play in my studio yet, but so far, just fucking around with it in my living room, its pretty badass! I recently updated it as well, so now all my VSTi’s work inside of it as well as all my effects! Looks like i may not have to use any other DAW out there!! I mean, obviously thats me just speaking for the time being. I still have to get my head around the whole thing and who knows, eventually down the line i may have to bounce out of it and into, say, Logic, to do some tweaking or mastering. But again, thats down the line.

Ive spoken with someone online about it and he rarely leaves the host software for Maschine. He does all his songs and remixes all inside the Maschine software, and as i mess around more inside it, i can see why! You can do a crap ton of stuff inside it, recording wise. So yeah, i may just stick with this…unless i run into limitations that i am unaware of as of the current time being.

At any rate, i installed Screenflow so i can record recording sessions with Maschine so i can continue to add “experience” to the ever-growing Maschine “video community”.

I hope to get started on this ASAP, so stay tuned and ill start posting links as soon as i can!!

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My First DJ Set

So last night I had my first chance to Dj and man was that fun! I got to play whatever the fuck I wanted and the people that were here loved it! Got a few compliments, so that’s always nice! Here’s a breakdown of what I played:

16volt-Cables and Wires
Hocico-Love Posing as a Prostitute
Acumen-You Deal With This
Psyclon 9-As You Sleep
Rotersand-Exterminate, anihilate, Destroy
Cubanate-Body Burn
VAC-Fun With Drugs
FLA-Liquid Seperation
Cyanotic-Order Out of Chaos
Hocico-Hell on Earth
Accessory-A Problem
Imperative Reaction-Rift
The Prodigy-Spitfire
Skinny Puppy-Dig It (live)
Chemlab-Codine, Glue and You

I can’t wait to get our goth/industrial night going so I can do it for like 5 hours!!! That is unless we end up
Moving to California before that.

That’s all for now!

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Testing Apps

It’s been awhile since I’ve last updated. Owning a business consumes your time…sometimes your soul. In my case, both.

The minimal time I have found here and there, I was able to give Pro Tools 9 a shot. I figured that with all the “professionals” out there using it, I said fuck it and gave it a run for it’s money.

Well, to sum things up, it’s no longer on my MacBook Pro. I didn’t like the way it was setup. Sure, if I gave it enough time, I’m sure incould have acclimated to it, but when I’m so familiar with Logic 8, there was no reason to keep trying.

I have, however, recently installed Ableton Live 8 as it was recommended by my friend Sean of Cyanotic fame.

So far, I enjoy it! It was very easy to get my head around and it works perfectly fine. I haven’t tried recording audio yet, but I feel it will do that just fine.

I think the only thing I don’t like is the fact it doesn’t have a sort of “track view” that I’m so used to using in Logic, Sonar, Cubase etc etc.

That said, I still have very little time to get audio work done, but I look forward to the day that I will!

I’m hoping and shooting for late Feb/early March to really buckle down. I might pick up Native Instrument’s Maschine. I’ll see what kind of return policy it has first, just in case.

I am also excited for NAMM on 1/19. I really love hearing about new gear! The new Akai MPC renaissance looks really nice! This is the only thing I’ve seen a glimpse of though that’s being shown off at NAMM.

That about wraps things up for what’s been going on. I will say I have worked more on my script for this children’s movie I’ve been writing for a year now. It’s coming along nicely, but I did hit another brick wall again, ideas wise. Those walls come down fast though, so it’s only a matter of time till I pick up where I left off.

Soooo, till next time!

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FT13 Album Update #9

Ok, so after a brief freak out of “damnit! i gotta pay over $200 to fix my Macbook Pro!” when somehow i magically fixed it by updating some stuff, we’re back on track again.

I have been *slightly* distracted by Dead Island on the PS3 currently, but i dont play too much of it. Maybe 2 hours at a time? Also distracted with the children (cats, dog, bunny) as my love is away in California for a little while.

BUT, all that said, i am bouncing between working on a remix for a friends band, Endless Sunder, as well as work on the new album.

I will be headed over soon to my friend Adam’s house as he has a really nice studio, so ill “scratch pad” some stuff over there as well.

Till next time!!

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FT13 Album Update #8

I have decided that upon completion of the 3rd album, i will re-do my website and put everything up for free and do the whole “pay for what you think its worth” thing.

I will probably press up 100 copies of the album, just in case people want “hard copies”, but i wont be doing 1000 copies ever again.

So, this could be a good thing, espeically for all the fans out there that never got to hear the 1st album because of its limited run.

Then, after the album is out there, i think i will cease and desist FT13 as a band. I will probably do the long delayed album of my side-project Under The Covers and release that album, digital only.

Fortuantely, that album is already half done. *phew*

Finally, once that is complete and out there, i will then focus on doing mastering and production for anyone who is interested. My rates will be farely cheap compared to most. I know from first hand experience of how costly these things can be, so i will do my best to keep my rates as low as i can.

That is all for now.

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FT13 Album Update #7

The album is currently on hold, unfortunately.

The business I run with my love is struggling severely and there might be drastic consequences.

I honestly dont have the time to sit down and write at this current juncture.

Stress levels have never been higher and depression has never been this low.

Until the ocean can come to a nice calm, glassy state instead of tidal waves, nothing will get done.

This is something i never wanted to happen, but the business *must* come first.

As always, keep an eye here for any further information pertaining the album’s status.

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FT13 Album Update #6

Been in the studio for 5 hours now bouncing between 2 different songs. Wether or not they will end up on the album remains to be seen.

I don’t think they’re fucked up and disturbing enough yet. Not enough anger. Not enough hate.

Back to it….

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